Thursday, July 2, 2015

"I Didn't" [insert word here]

Rosie's blog posts often remind me of stuff my own children did. I think, "Oh, I should blog that." But then I don't have enough material for a whole post, and I don't.

Well, phooey on that. I should just blog whenever I think of something, right? Otherwise, these priceless pearls of—um—history would go unblogged. And they might be lost! Forever lost in the mists of antiquity!

So this may be the first really short blog post about just one thing. And I doubt it will have a picture. Contain your disappointment.

Mary Claire is following in Patrick's footsteps when she makes up a word or claims that she didn't do whatever her mom is telling her not to do. Patrick used to throw things when that was not the best idea. I told him, "Patrick, don't throw things."

But of course he hadn't been doing what he wasn't supposed to do! His response was generally, "I didn't throw it! I tossed it!"

Yeah, right, kid. Throwing, tossing, what's the difference? Well, one was apparently allowed and the other wasn't. But it was only after I told him not to toss things that he would stop.

. . . Sometimes. Because, of course, he wanted to do what he wanted to do, and he didn't want to be caught at it. He actually admitted that once. I saw him doing something against the rules, and he exclaimed piteously, "But you weren't supposed to see!"


  1. My kids tell me, "Mommy, stop lookin' at me!!" Obviously that means they're about to do something naughty!

    1. I think mine just waited until I was looking somewhere else. Verrrrrry sneaky.